About Us

Who we are

We were established as CHELLU SOLUTIONS (PTY) LTD in 2013 but have been in business since 2006.  The owner realizing his great passion for IT and societal advancement and his vision for CHELLU is to assist organizations with the designing and implementation of cost-effective IT and Voice solutions that would allow them to utilize the superior abilities of modern technologies, at costs well below traditional solutions. 

Chellu Solutions framed a set of core values where we could develop professionals into satisfaction hungry specialists capable of transforming your company into an industry leader, ready to thrive in the ever-evolving market.
With your IT in our capable hands, your business can focus on what matters most!

Grow Your Business
With Us A Partner

The vision of your business defines our very existence. We are committed to providing the complete suite of IT solutions with the highest standards, enabling your business to attain its goals masterfully. We provide flexible and scalable IT solutions to rival the giants of any industry. Our amazing team of seasoned professionals are ready to support you, and your business 24/7.


Driving Values, To Achieve Your Vision

Our mission is to provide affordable technological systems which enables small, medium, and micro enterprises to decrease costs and increase their competitiveness to succeed against the best of corporations.

Socially Responsible

CHELLU is a socially responsible organization.  We love our nation and its diversity! We love our people and their cultures! We love our land and the animals therein! We vow to provide technological solutions that will advance our beautiful country, in a sustainable and responsible way.

BEE Level 4

We are compliant with BEE and preferential procurement requirements

Support 24/7

We provide world class support custom for your business needs.

ServiceLevel Agreement

At Chellu Solutions, SLA processes enable our IT personnel to identify different levels of services to our clients more accurately and cost-effectively. Our SLA processes ensure that IT and businesses understand their specific roles and responsibilities and work accordingly to empower business units.

Chellu Solutions offers constant support and development for all services that we offer to our clients. Our team of experts ensures that our products/services are offered timely, scale well, and operate cost-effectively. Besides, we ensure that any irregularity occurred in IT infrastructure is detected in real-time and resolved timely to satisfactory levels.