Business IT Support

Sales, Support and Service Level Agreements geared for SMME's. We offer the complete suite of IT services.

Voice over IP (VoIP) Solutions

We offer hosted PBX telephone systems, using the latest communications technology. Our VOIP technology allows for ultimate flexibility and reliability at our guaranteed lowest rates.

Web Development

Same day web development and hosting tailored for your business.

CCTV Integration

Professional CCTV installation and maintenance. Includes cloud services for remote access and monitoring.

Biometric Solutions

Access control systems focused on automated time & attendance management.

Cost Reduction Strategies

We have combined nearly 44 years of experience in providing solutions at reduced rates. Our cost analysis will identify waste and underutilization. The analysis results provide for a solid base to strategize for effective solutions that will suit the budget.

Why Choose Us

Our members are highly skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge in the latest technologies and best practices. Our foundation is built on a cumulative 44 years of ICT engineering and management. We pride ourselves to deliver solutions that meet your business needs. We place you, the customer, at the core of everything we do and are proud to announce that we are still servicing our very first client.

Service Image
Service Image

Our solutions are flexible and scalable.

We’ve made significant investment in replacing our Service and Support systems, moving away from fragmented standard systems. We have unique capabilities in reporting, notification, responsiveness, and case management so we can help you in ways (and with a rapid response) that others simply can’t equal. We’re proud of this capability and we’d love to show it all to you.

We’ll save you money

We specialize in providing the lowest cost solutions that will fulfill the requirements specific to their operations. We build the IT support agreements of each business unit to suit only the business’s needs, therefore paying only for what is being used and not what may seem convenient. Our budget-friendly solutions are tried and tested, and ready to be adapted to your business to slash the bottom line.

We will never leave your side.

We are ready to meet you on site and get busy, whether it is during our office hours of 7:30 am to 6:00 pm or during our nighttime support hours. We will communicate with you in real time - we understand the urgency that arises from not being able to work with your systems. We are focused to providing you the support that your business needs, 24x7x365.

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